Android Demonstrations To Help You Learn DriveStrike

Android Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Android Device Policy and App Management is easy to setup with DriveStrike. Below you will find some demonstration videos to help you get a good idea of how DriveStrike Remote Wipe and our Android Device Management features work.

Using DriveStrike to manage Android devices is a fast and effective way to define and administer security and application policies for Android devices. DriveStrike is installed as a background service with administrative privileges providing DriveStrike with elevated access rights to critical components necessary to enforce security policies as well as install and configure any Google Play application or custom APK that you add to DriveStrike. As soon as you define or alter your security policy and or application configuration DriveStrike sends a configuration push notification to all the devices running DriveStrike and implements the policies and configuration to each device. You can install DriveStrike in Shared Management (BYOD) mode for personal devices which will partition the Android into two separate areas: one that DriveStrike Administrators control and their personal space on the phone such that when you lock or wipe the phone only work related items are secured and removed, alternatively for enterprise owned devices you can install DriveStrike as the owner of the phone which allows DriveStrike Administrators to control the entire device and all content.

Remote Wipe

Delete personal or client data from any DriveStrike enabled device, remotely

Geo Location

Find your lost or stolen device quickly and easily

Remote Lock

Keep unauthorized users away from sensitive data – even if the device is lost

Disk Encryption

Whole or container encryption assistance with BitLocker or VeraCrypt

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Demonstration Videos

Here are some videos demonstrating the DriveStrike installation and Android Remote Wipe:

Android Policy & App Management:

BYOD Installation:

Enterprise Installation:

Android Remote Wipe: