Data Breach Protection

A data breach occurs when an unauthorized party accesses a your network and steals any data. Breaches come in various types: network (hacking and skimming); malware and spyware; the physical loss of a computer or smartphone, paper records or other digital media; and losses from employee dishonesty.

Regardless of how the breach starts, the result is almost always the same: unencrypted personal identifying information is compromised by criminals and identity thieves. The potential damages are enormous and costly.

As a result, “data breach protection” should be taken seriously by business owners operating on the internet — and these days, that’s pretty much everyone. The latest statistics on the tremendous costs faced by businesses that experience data breaches emphasize the reality that the stakes are simply too high for breach protection to be put off to be addressed when you can get around to implementing a robust solution like DriveStrike.

Data Breach Security Program

With data breach notification rules continually on the rise, it’s increasingly important to act now. You must protect yourself from potentially huge financial losses associated with a data breach. DriveStrike® offers a Data Breach Security Solution that enables your administrator to remote wipe any device suspected of a breach of sensitive data.

The program offers peace of mind to businesses during an extremely vulnerable time by providing:

  • A forensic audit whenever a data breach is suspected to confirm whether remote wipe was executed on a given lost or stolen device


Breach Protection Best Practices

In addition to our Data Breach Security Program, we encourage all of our clients to protect themselves, their businesses and their customers from data breaches by requesting a Free Risk and Vulnerability Assessment. To find out more about this free assessment please feel free to email or call us directly.