What is a Data Breach?

A data breach occurs when an unauthorized party accesses a your network and steals any data. Breaches come in various types: network (hacking and skimming); malware and spyware; the physical loss of a computer or smartphone, paper records, or other digital media; and losses from employee dishonesty.

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Regardless of how the breach starts, the result is almost always the same: unencrypted personal identifying information is compromised by criminals and identity thieves. The potential damages are enormous and costly for everyone.
As a result, data breach protection should be taken seriously by business owners operating on the internet — and these days, that’s pretty much everyone. The latest statistics on the tremendous costs faced by businesses that experience data breaches emphasize the reality that the stakes are simply too high for breach protection to be put off to be addressed when you can get around to implementing a robust solution like DriveStrike.
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DriveStrike – Data Breach Protection

The DriveStrike solution works across all major platforms and is simple to implement and use. DriveStrike is versatile, serving individuals and all types and sizes of organizations. Our major features are Remote Wipe, Remote Lock, and Remote Locate, providing effective device and data security. With DriveStrike, businesses can protect their sensitive data, comply with privacy laws, and manage all of their devices in one central console. If you would like to learn more, please contact us.

Data Breach Security Program

With data breach notification rules continually on the rise, it’s increasingly important to act now. You must protect yourself from potentially huge financial losses associated with a data breach. DriveStrike® offers a Data Breach Security Solution that enables your administrator to remote wipe any device suspected of a breach of sensitive data.

The program offers peace of mind to businesses during an extremely vulnerable time by providing:

  • Remote Wipe to destroy confidential data before malicious actors have a chance to steal it.
  • Remote Lock to prevent unauthorized access to a device.
  • Device tracking to locate devices as soon as they go missing.
  • Encryption for Windows machines and the ability to store and manage BitLocker keys.
  • A forensic audit whenever a data breach is suspected to confirm whether remote wipe was executed on a given lost or stolen device


Breach Protection Best Practices

In addition to our Data Breach Security Program, we encourage all of our clients to protect themselves, their businesses and their customers from data breaches by requesting a Free Risk and Vulnerability Assessment. To find out more about this free assessment please feel free to email or call us directly.

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Each day brings new data security challenges, so your organization needs simple and wide-reaching solutions to combat those challenges. DriveStrike is here to help you protect your most critical data with premium quality endpoint security. Start a free trial with DriveStrike today, and contact us if you need any assistance. Our team is always ready to answer your questions.

DriveStrike is the smart choice for device and data security

Remote Wipe, Lock, Locate

Managing and securing laptops and mobile devices has never been easier or more cost effective. We make deploying DriveStrike a snap whether you are deploying to a handful of devices or to an entire fleet with both company and BYOD complexities. Regardless of why or when you need mobile device protection, DriveStrike is there for you and data protection needs.


Device Tracking

The demands on businesses to keep track of employees’ laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices is growing every day. How do you ensure data security, customer information privacy, and minimize your risk while effectively serving your customers? With DriveStrike you can track any digital asset and lock it down if it goes missing. Know where your delivery, sales, service, and field maintenance person is without interrupting their work. Review the location data for specific employees to see if there are ways to better deploy them in the future.


Remote Lock

Remote Lock enables administrators to remotely lock a device or system. Remote lock features are often part of security systems that address data breach risks introduced by “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies or security gaps in distributed companies. Remote Lock can consist of forcing a reboot, logging out current user sessions, or placing a firmware lock on the device. Device lock is extremely useful when a device or system is being hijacked or an unauthorized access occurs allowing device administrators to easily initiate a device lock within the admin center.


Remote Wipe

When a remote erase command is executed, personal information data deletion is triggered from a remote system endpoint or control panel. Enterprise wipe can be set up in different ways. The remote delete command can target company specific data on Android devices or erase all data on a device. In most data breach incidents, the operation is optimized to provide quick and effective solutions to security breaches or other information crises.


Disk Encryption

With DriveStrike’s Windows BitLocker integration, deploying and enabling whole drive encryption has never been easier. DriveStrike provides added data security at no additional cost while easing the deployment and management of encryption keys. DriveStrike supports BitLocker deployment and encryption for Trusted Platform Module (TPM) devices as well as older non-compliant hardware.

Data Breach Protection

DriveStrike – Data Breach Protection

Prevent your confidential data from falling into the wrong hands. Start a free trial today to find out if DriveStrike is the premium security solution your business has been looking for.


Implementing our solution is easy. DriveStrike can be installed a number of ways:

  • Email invitations to recipients and they can simply click on a link and follow instructions.
  • Use Mass Deployment software with group policies or other over-the-air push technology.
  • Install individually on devices.
  • Leverage a remote desktop solution to remotely install on each of your devices.

Once DriveStrike is installed, simply navigate from the Dashboard to the device in question and review the Device Details for the information you need. Start a free trial to begin protecting your devices, or contact us if you have any questions. We would be happy to help you get started protecting your devices with DriveStrike.
Proven Protection In All Industries

Data & Device Security For All

Our team has extensive experience in a wide variety of computing and networking environments. We are here to help you with your data and device security needs. We help businesses ranging from small private practices to fortune 500s define and implement robust data security solutions and practices that prevent data compromise. Let us serve you and your specific needs – contact us any time with questions.


Personal and family device and data security is extremely important. Know where loved ones are when needed and protect your data when a device is lost or stolen. Manage all your family devices: laptops, tablets, smartphones within one console at a reasonable price. We support Windows, Apple, and Android so you don’t have to worry about the technical details. We have you covered!


Are you in a regulated industry? We take care of financial services firms, credit unions, banks, attorneys, dental offices, physical therapists, physicians, mental health facilities, and many more. We will gladly enter into business associate or confidentiality agreements to ensure you remain compliant and protected. See our templates and resources for reference if you are just getting started and need privacy compliance help.


DriveStrike provides simple Mobile Device Management that easily scales with your organization. Mix and match corporate and BYOD hardware. Define groups and manage devices easily with our mass silent deployment options and professional & responsive support. Add as many Device Managers as needed and retain corporate administrative control while empowering department heads or business unit owners as necessary.


Protect your school or district with a device and data protection platform that keeps all classroom and education devices safe with a single solution and Dashboard. Keep your classroom Chromebooks and MacBooks, your lab iPads, and teachers’ laptops safe, secure, and organized. Give appropriate control to as many users as needed and deploy DriveStrike with ease using our live support team.

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Each day brings new data security challenges, so your organization needs simple and wide-reaching solutions to combat those challenges. DriveStrike is here to help you protect your most critical data with premium quality endpoint security. Start a free trial with DriveStrike today, and contact us if you need any assistance. Our team is always ready to answer your questions.