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DriveStrike is easy to use and straightforward to implement and manage. Our expert data protection support team is always available to answer your questions and help you install our services or manage your account and devices. DriveStrike is HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, and DoD compliant. Protecting your data and devices has never been easier or more cost effective. If you have questions or need help understanding how best to protect your data please contact us.

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Pricing for DriveStrike is based on the number of devices you protect each month. For pricing options and volume discount, please visit our detailed pricing page. We support different billing and invoicing models for those who need to protect a large number of devices on different schedules.

DriveStrike is the best computer or device Remote Wipe and Data Breach Protection solution on the market! Regardless of how many devices you protect we give you the same great software and support. Remotely Wipe laptop, computer, phone, tablets in seconds. Remotely Locate laptop, computer, phone, tablets in seconds. Remotely Lock laptop, computer, phone, tablets in seconds. Live eMail and Telephone Support anytime anywhere all the time!

Protect All Your Devices & Any Operating System

Personal, Professional, Small Business, & Enterprise
Device, Laptop, & Fleet mobile management for any company and all sizes from large companies, schools, hospitals, police departments, financial institutions, to personal use.
  • Wipe Missing Laptops, Computers, Phones, Tablets, Medical Devices on demand from anywhere quickly, easily, and securely.

  • Locate and Track all your Laptops, Computers, Phones, Tablets with ease and download historical locations.

  • Lock Devices to protect against insider threats, terminated employees, stolen or lost devices.

  • Live 24/7/365 Professional Telephone and eMail Support. We are always available to help.

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About Us

DriveStrike is the best remote wipe data protection service in the world! We deliver data breach protection on all major operating systems at an unprecedented price. Our support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to help when you need it most. Sign-up now for a 30-day free trial and start protecting your digital life. DriveStrike – The Smart Choice!

DriveStrike History

Our History

DriveStrike was developed by Spearstone, whose product and development team has delivered security solutions to Fortune 100 firms for over 10 years.

In 2008, Spearstone revolutionized the data and device security market — receiving the Digital IQ Award as well as Utah’s Best in State Award. We patented the first remote wipe data protection solution and invented the continuous data protection SaaS model. We have extensive experience building and launching mission critical enterprise software and hardware solutions leveraging cloud and mobile technologies in the healthcare, financial services, banking, entertainment, education, consumer electronics, federal and local government, legal, social media, and technology markets. The DriveStrike team designed, built, deployed, and maintained a Top 100 Apple App with over 4 million installations. 

Working with tech leaders like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Logitech, our team protects millions of data records for high profile businesses that require assurance.

DriveStrike Our Vision

Our Vision

To provide data and device security through one simple solution at an affordable price. Data security is our passion and excellence in service is our commitment.

Our data protection team worked on and delivered data and software application services for large healthcare, legal, insurance, government, and financial services organizations where protected health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), highly classified information, and customer records where continuously at risk of compromise and breach. We combined our experience in these markets and fields with the emerging trends in cloud and mobile computing to deliver a cost effective highly scalable continuous data security solution that anyone could acquire and use to protect their data. DriveStrike remote wipe is a revolutionary technology breakthrough built upon our patented continuous data protection product.

Start using DriveStrike remote wipe to protect your data, devices, business, and customers now!


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