Windows Demonstrations To Help You Learn DriveStrike

Remote Wipe Windows

Windows Remote Wipe is affordable, easy to setup and initiate. Below you will find some demonstration videos to help you get a good idea of how DriveStrike Remote Wipe for Windows works.

DriveStrike is installed as a Windows service with administrative privileges providing the service elevated access rights to critical components necessary to execute a remote wipe. When an authorized administrator initiates a Windows Remote Wipe using the Dashboard a secure wipe command is immediately ordered. Once the Windows device connects to the internet we execute the remote wipe command erasing your sensitive data. Keep in mind that the Remote Wipe will also erase all data contained on any physically attached drive including USB drives and sticks, DriveStrike will NOT erase or wipe networked drives.

Remote Wipe

Delete personal or client data from any DriveStrike enabled device, remotely

Geo Location

Find your lost or stolen device quickly and easily

Remote Lock

Keep unauthorized users away from sensitive data – even if the device is lost

Disk Encryption

Whole or container encryption assistance with BitLocker or VeraCrypt

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Demonstration Videos

Here are some videos demonstrating installation and Windows Remote Wipe:


Windows Remote Wipe: