Enterprise level data and device protection for Windows, Apple, Android devices at consumer prices. Manage all of your devices using one simple yet powerful command center from anywhere in the world. Remote Wipe, Lock, or Locate your protected devices immediately.

Cyber & Data Security Consulting

Our team has extensive experience in a wide variety of computing and networking environments. We have designed, built, deployed and secured complex systems for the banking, finance, healthcare, insurance, entertainment, government, military, energy, telecommunications, gaming, legal, and manufacturing business sectors. We help businesses ranging from small private practices to fortune 500s define and implement robust data security solutions and practices that prevent data compromise.

Software & Hardware Consulting

Spearstone, the makers of DriveStrike, specializes in defining, designing, deploying, and maintaining large scale, mission-critical software and hardware solutions. The Spearstone team has built several very successful commercial offerings and in-house solutions leveraging mobile, cloud, web, thick-client, and standard server-client implementations and technologies. Our engineering projects range from $100,000 to over $5,000,000 in budget and we would be happy to review some of our successes with you and see if we can help you bring a project to success.


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