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DriveStrike Releases Groups Feature

The DriveStrike product and development team recently released a powerful new feature that empowers DriveStrike Administrators to create Groups within their account. Authorized DriveStrike Device Administrators are now able to manage and control devices within their department (Group) without having access to other devices within their broader DriveStrike corporate account. This ensures that line managers have immediate access to their team’s devices to initiate remote commands without engaging IT Administrators within the company.

Device Administrators can invite and install DriveStrike, within their defined Group, on devices enabling remote wipe, locate, and lock for any registered device within their Group.

Groups are an optional feature to help you organize devices and who can access them. To use Groups:

  1. Create named Groups.
  2. Assign devices to Groups.
  3. Assign users with the Device Manager privilege to a Group.
    Device Managers can only see and manage devices in their group.
    (Account Administrators can see see and manage devices in all groups.)

As a Single User Account

For individuals, your user account does it all! You can add as many devices as you wish, and manage them from your Dashboard. The Install page can email invitations to owners of other devices you want protected. When they install from the email they receive, their devices appear in your dashboard, but they do not have login access to your account.

As a Multi-User Account

If you want other users to access and manage devices you protect, add them from the Users page. You can give them the full Account Administrator privileges you have, or make them Device Managers, so they can access and manage devices, but not access subscription or billing info.

As a Multi-User Account with Groups

If you want device managers to oversee specific groups of devices, use our optional Groups feature. Device Managers assigned to a Group can only access and manage devices belonging to that Group. Any device he installs, or that is installed from an installation email he sends, will be in his Group.

Pro Tips:
  • Account Administrators always maintain access to all devices in the account.
  • Unassigned Device Managers (belonging to no Group) have access to all devices.
  • To change the Group to which an invitee’s devices get assigned, re-send the invitation email from a user in the desired Group.
  • Reassigning a Device Manager’s Group does not reassign devices already assigned to that Group.
  • Click a device from the Dashboard to reassign its Group.
  • Click a Group from the Groups page to overview its Device Managers, devices, and invitees.

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