Best Practices for Protecting Company Data on Personal Devices

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs are increasingly common across every sector of the workforce. A BYOD policy can be quite useful, as it saves the company the cost of buying devices for their remote workers. Employees often value the streamlined nature of having all their personal and work activities on one device. For these and many other reasons, organizations are shifting to a work model that allows proprietary data to be stored on private devices. Whenever this is the case, BYOD best practices are essential.

Act BEFORE Issues Arise

One of the most important steps to managing data on employee devices happens before the employee ever uses the machine for work. From a legal perspective, it is imperative that the company has a clear, written BYOD policy. This policy should define what company information is and the minimum requirements for securing it. It should also include procedures for when a device is lost or stolen, or data access privileges are abused.

Consider the security risks from as many angles as possible, and look through policy templates as a starting point. Involve IT Security managers, Human Resources, and perhaps even legal counsel help to draft the policy document. Define procedures for accessing company resources on any device an employee uses for work. Include discussions about device policies as part of the onboarding process. Be sure to have employees sign a Remote Wipe Waiver so the company has the legal right to wipe proprietary material from employee devices.

Install MDM Software

Protect devices by installing a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software on all devices that serve as an access point for the company network or protected data. The company should maintain an up-to-date list of all employee devices that are used for work. For the best security, employees should download the company’s chosen management software before remotely accessing company resources. A good MDM solution should offer options to manage encryption to protect the device. In the event that a device goes missing, the software should be able to locate the device.

To control access to organizational, customer, and employee data, a BYOD management software needs to have the capability to lock and recredential a device, and remove data from any vulnerable machine. These features will help defend devices and the information they contain 24/7.

Train Employees

The best software options can be less effective if employees are unaware of the cybersecurity risks that come with using their own devices for work. Train all employees in device security as part of onboarding, and provide regular security check-ins and updates. This involves going over the BYOD policy and security procedures, as well as teaching employees to detect phishing attempts and other suspicious communication and behaviors. Make sure employees know the risks and costs of a lost or stolen device. Use Multi-factor Authentication wherever it is available for additional security against unauthorized entry to sensitive accounts.

Finally, ensure that business managers and all IT employees are aware of the operating procedures in the event of a compromised laptop or missing phone. The best security plan in the world is useless if the individuals involved do not follow it.

Protecting company data is a daunting task, even when employees are working in an office. However, with the correct planning, software, and training, a BYOD policy can benefit companies and employees alike!

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