Why a Remote Wipe Solution Should Be In Your Security Toolbelt

Today, “the company office” is much more than a building where work happens; it is made up of hundreds of devices scattered across cities, states, and countries. An organization can reasonably expect to have proprietary data on machines that are spread across multiple sites and in the back pockets of employees going about their daily lives.

In these situations, it is of key importance that a remote wipe software is available to protect sensitive data.

What is a Remote Wipe?

A Remote Wipe is a way to destroy the information stored on a device, no matter where the device is located at the time. This is unlike a Remote Lock, where the user is required to reenter credentials to return to regular use. By wiping a device, the computer or phone is rendered a blank slate, and all data that was stored on the device (and any external drives attached to it) is irretrievable.

A Remote Wipe software, like the service offered by DriveStrike, allows company administrators to wipe machines anywhere in the world with a few simple clicks.

Is Destroying The Data the Only Option?

While completely wiping a device may seem like an extreme response to a laptop forgotten at a coffee shop or a phone misplaced at a party, the consequences of failing to do so are dire. Any device left unattended is an opportunity for a bad actor to physically access the information it contains. Simply locking a machine is not enough, as even the strongest passwords can be broken or circumvented by a skilled hacker after a period of time.

Company devices can contain key codes, customer data, financial records, project details, and access points into other segments of the company’s digital network. This information in the wrong hands not only negatively impacts the reputation of your company, but may have legal ramifications and far-reaching financial implications that will haunt your business for years.

Remotely wiping a machine destroys the data. In an event where a malevolent person gains access to a locked device, Wiping the machine renders the content irrecoverable, protecting proprietary information and company repute. The faster a device is wiped, the more likely you are to prevent a data breach.

The Cost

Per a Ponemon Institute report titled “The Cost of a Lost Laptop,” the average cost of a missing or stolen company device is $49,246, with 80% of the cost being associated with the data breach itself. This number is an average, so there are aspects to consider that may impact the overall cost of a given breach.

While all breaches have the potential to cause financial stress, certain data being stolen, such as Electronic Patient Health Information (ePHI) or bank information, have the risk of massive fines and legal fees that can drive the average price up exponentially. The loss of intellectual property and reputation also must be factored in, even if these losses cannot be quantified in dollar amounts.

In a world were company information is sitting on coffee tables, restaurant counters, and the seats of Ubers across the globe, the ability to protect private company data may seem much more complicated than in the past, but it does not have to be. By utilizing a Remote Wipe feature, organizations can protect themselves by accessing a Dashboard and destroying the information quickly and completely. It is essential that modern companies take this crucial step in protecting their security before the next iPhone is forgotten on an airplane seat.

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