Where in the World is Your Confidential Data?

The convenience of digital storage is unparalleled. When it comes to handling and accessing billions of pieces of information, this convenience comes at a cost. Everything from land deeds and titles, to sensitive healthcare information, to intellectual property is vulnerable to digital threats.

Often, individuals are not even aware of all the places their data is stored online and in the hands of vendors and third parties. For example, electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), is often stored on servers attached to a broader medical network which could include doctors’ cell phones, laptops, and remote and in-office administrative equipment. This means that there could be hundreds of devices with access to ePHI, and any one of those devices being stolen or going missing can put patients’ private data at risk. Medical records are just one example of the highly sensitive data that resides in the digital space and which companies should take great care to protect.

Know Where Your Devices Are

With this in mind, consumers and companies both should consider where and how their digital data is stored. Companies should ensure all servers and devices are encrypted. It is also important that all network endpoints and remote devices are protected. Any data breach has the potential to cost a large sum of money, with breaches in some industries like healthcare costing as much as $9.23 million.

It is crucial to be able to locate any endpoint at a given time. A missing device like a cell phone or laptop can lead to data compromise — every minute it is unaccounted for is more time for a cyber criminal to gain access to the device. Companies must quickly ascertain if a device is missing so they can proceed with further action. By knowing the device’s exact location, organizations can take the proper steps to protect their sensitive information.


Track Laptops, Phones, and Tablets

This is why a device tracking software like DriveStrike can come in handy. DriveStrike uses the most granular location data available for each device you manage, whether that is a GPS signal, Wi-Fi Triangulation, or IP address.

DriveStrike works on Windows, Apple and Android devices, and Linux machines. From a simple online console, the IT administrator can quickly locate any of the hundreds of devices that the company manages. On the device page, there is a map pinpointing the device’s location, as well as its location history. From there, it is easy to take proper actions from within the same console, such as remotely locking the machine or wiping the data.

DriveStrike is easy to install via email invitations, mass deployment, or downloading on individual devices. After DriveStrike is installed on a machine, within a few clicks administrators can see the locations of their devices in realtime.

Well-Rounded Endpoint Security

Beyond location services, DriveStrike provides encryption support, remote wipe functionality, and remote lock and reboot, all from the user-friendly console. This is a versatile security tool for businesses, individuals, and everyone in between. Contact our team to discuss options, and start your 30 day free trial to begin protecting your data today. Remember, your security is our priority!

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Each day brings new data security challenges, so your organization needs simple and wide-reaching solutions to combat those challenges. DriveStrike is here to help you protect your most critical data with premium quality endpoint security. Start a free trial with DriveStrike today, and contact us if you need any assistance. Our team is always ready to answer your questions.