Laptop Management Solution

Protect Laptops from Loss, Theft, and Data Breaches

Businesses face a variety of threats that put their company and customer data at risk. Laptop theft and new cybercrime ploys are adding to the ever-growing numbers of data breaches and compromised records. To protect company devices and prevent data breaches, businesses must have security measures in place that mitigate those risks.

DriveStrike provides a simple management solution with enterprise-level security.


Manage all of your company’s devices from one central command center. The security features and management options are straightforward and easy to navigate, even for companies that manage thousands of devices. Organize laptops into groups and designate device managers. Search devices and sort easily for quick access. View encryption status at a glance.


DriveStrike commands are issued immediately. Get locations in real-time, lock devices within seconds, and initiate a data wipe to prevent unauthorized access as soon as a device is lost or stolen. When private and confidential data are at risk, it is important to have complete control in order to keep that data from being exploited. Effectiveness is key when it comes to mobile device management and data security.


Data security requires prompt action, and it is important for device administrators to have the knowledge and tools to take decisive action. DriveStrike support is available 24/7. Contact us if you have any questions or need help with your account – we are here to help you succeed.

Enterprise-level Security

DriveStrike offers a variety of security features for laptops.

Locate: Track laptops through GPS, Wi-fi triangulation, or IP address location. DriveStrike uses the most precise location data available to locate devices.

Encrypt: DriveStrike works with BitLocker to provide encryption and key management for Windows devices. Store BitLocker keys, create new keys, turn keys & lock, and persist BitLocker on devices you manage, all from the DriveStrike command center. Encryption provides an extra layer of protection for Windows laptops and hard drives.

Lock: Remotely lock a laptop to prevent unauthorized access. Reboot laptops to refresh and trigger updates, and change the login credentials for BitLocker-enabled machines.

Wipe: Erase the data on laptops and their hard drives, as well as any external drives that are connected. This is the most effective way to prevent a data breach if a laptop is lost or stolen.

Keeping track of all company-owned laptops can be tedious, especially for large businesses and remote workforces. Management and security gaps expose company and personal information to threats that can lead to disastrous data breaches. With DriveStrike, you can remove the hassle and worry. Manage all of your laptops effectively and securely, from one user-friendly command center. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about DriveStrike or laptop security in general. Set up a free trial to start protecting your devices and data today!

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Each day brings new data security challenges, so your organization needs simple and wide-reaching solutions to combat those challenges. DriveStrike is here to help you protect your most critical data with premium quality endpoint security. Start a free trial with DriveStrike today, and contact us if you need any assistance. Our team is always ready to answer your questions.