Data Privacy Day 2019

DriveStrike Data Privacy Champion

Data Privacy Day

January 28, 2019

Data Privacy Day, held annually in the United States on Jan. 28, is an extension of Data Protection Day celebrated in the European Union. Data Privacy Day is an international effort held annually on January 28 to create awareness about the importance of privacy and protecting personal information. The day is officially led in North America by the National Cyber Security Alliance. DriveStrike is a Data Privacy Day Awareness Champion and actively promotes consumer education and data privacy awareness.

Data privacy and the sharing of that data without express knowledge and approval from users was and continues to be a hot topic as leaders from Facebook and Google come under fire for selling user data to various groups. As consumers we don’t tend to think about the information we store and transmit using email, documents, social media platforms, search engines, internet browsers, smartphone apps, and more. Most of us think that only the data we explicitly publish online for public consumption is actually being used to market to us or possibly provide intelligence on our motives and behaviors. However, the fact is that all of these “free” services that many of us use: Google (gmail, Drive, YouTube), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pintrest, and the like are collecting vast amounts of data on every search, click, view, like, favorite, forward – pretty much anything you do. The service providers take that data, index all of it, slice and dice it according to your profile (name, age, sex, education, political affiliation, location, interests, and so on) and then sell it others who us it to market products and services to you.

Stay informed and protect the data you care most about. If you have documents, emails, or other sensitive information you don’t want indexed or accessed by others we suggest you store that information locally on your computer in an encrypted vault. When browsing the internet use a Tor browser and Duck Duck Go as your search engine – both of these platforms are committed to anonymity, at least for now.

At DriveStrike we are committed to laptop tracking, remote data wipe, and device lock as a core feature set that will help keep your data secure and out of the hands of maleficent actors.

As always, if you have any questions or need help securing your data and devices please contact us any time and one of our awesome customer service technicians will assist you.

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