AMCA Data Breach Exposes Millions


On May 10th, reported the American Medical Collection Agency breach, Gemini Advisory found information from 200,000 payment cards for sale on the dark web. Gemini’s investigation links the breached cards to AMCA. We still do not know how many other payment cards or PII may be for sale but we do know that the breach is one of the largest in US history.

Initially the breach was thought to have affected 11.9 million Quest patients but now LabCorp is reporting that 7.7 million of their patients may be breached as well. That is nearly 20 million patients that are affected by one data breach incident involving AMCA.

Information on how the data breach occurred is unavailable but their are only a few logical sources:

1) Insufficient password policies and security
2) Insider compromise
3) Network or database vulnerability
4) Stolen devices that retained access

Exactly how the breach occurred may not be known by AMCA but they should be able to tell us what didn’t happen. In other words the AMCA compliance and cyber security team should be able to tell us that it wasn’t from a lost or stolen device’s access or that their password policies are strictly enforced and sufficiently complex. The fact that AMCA is not issuing a statement is very concerning and can only lead one to believe that the security breach is not closed.

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